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Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento

Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento (FLAD) was established in 1985 following a cooperation agreement between the governments of Portugal and the US. It was established under Portuguese law as a private organisation, officially recognised as a public service institution that is financially and administratively independent, to pursue the aims of its statutes.


To contribute to Portugal’s economic and social development by promoting cooperation between Portugal and the US in business, education, science, technology, environmental protection and culture.

Geographic Focus

Portugal, US and Portuguese speaking countries

Programme Areas

The foundation offers support in the following areas:

• Education, Science and Technology
• Culture
• Environment
• Functions of the State and Civil Society
• Transatlantic Relations and European Integration
• Cooperation with Portuguese Speaking Countries

Education, Science and Technology
Supports Portuguese centres of scientific research and training for qualified professionals. The foundation develops exchange programmes with foreign countries, particularly the US, and contributes towards the creation and development of various scientific institutes and departments.

Operates scholarship programmes in the areas of fine arts, literature, architecture and music and cooperation programmes between Portuguese and American cultural institutions. The foundation sponsors professional training for artists and managers in the field of culture, and develops a contemporary Portuguese art collection which it disseminates through exhibits and lending works of art abroad. Portuguese language and culture are promoted in the US through support given to Portuguese studies centres at American universities.

Supports public awareness programmes involving conferences, workshops and publications, and capacity building for Portuguese environmental NGOs. The foundation also supports environmental educational and research by means of cooperation agreements between Portuguese and American universities, as well as scholarships grants. The foundation supports transnational environmental networks which debate environmental issues at an international level.

Functions of the State and Civil Society
Promotes modernisation and efficiency in public administration, focusing on innovative management practices and new information technologies, in addition to improving intervention systems in the public sector. The foundation implements policies of urban improvement and territorial administration and raises public and institutional awareness of these problems.

Transatlantic Relations and European Integration
Collaborates with Portuguese and American universities and think tanks in a number of studies on relations between the United States and Europe, and issues involving the enlargement of the European Union.

Cooperation with Portuguese Speaking Countries
Throughout its history, the foundation has developed and promoted a vast number of initiatives to spark cooperation among Portuguese-speaking countries. In most instances, Lusophone Africa has been the main target of FLAD’s attention.

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