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Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT

Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita – CRT (FSC) was founded in 2007 through an initiative of Fondazione CRT, an endowment foundation with 100+ years of grant-making history.
It is a non-profit organization focused primarily on development and growth of the northern Italian regions of Piedmont and Aosta Valley. FSC operates in accordance with the traditional and institutional activities of Fondazione CRT including numerous innovative social activities in the field of impact investing, green economy and urban regeneration.


FSC’s mission is to deploy new initiatives which can deliver social impact within regional ecosystems, aimed at the entrepreneurial world as well as the moderate/low income populations.
FSC pursues to transfer skills, develop new content and networks, multiply sustainable projects and promote innovation.

Geographic Focus

Italy, Piedmont and Aosta Valley regions, and international initiatives which impact the Piedmontese territory.

Programme Areas

Venture Philanthropy and Social Impact Investments are its core competency.
The thematic areas are:

• 1) Social Real Estate funds
• 2) Social Housing
• 3) Environment and Development of the territory
• 4) Entrepreneurship and Innovation
• 5) Shareholding and Investing

• Social Real Estate funds
This branch is characterized by medium / long-term real estate investments, to be made through the use of a closed-end real estate fund for social purposes. The interventions are aimed at creating residences for elderly people, kindergartens and nursery schools, libraries, minor museums. One of the purposes of these social initiatives is the development of “hu-man capital” through culture and education.

• Social Housing
FCS supports social housing initiatives for residential use. The foundation provides a con-crete response to housing problems by creating high standard quality of structures and ser-vices at affordable and rent-controlled costs. The interventions are mainly aimed at the con-struction, renovation and functional recovery of buildings allocated to socially and / or eco-nomically disadvantaged categories.

• Environment and Development of the territory
The thematic area is focused on environment, quality of life and socioeconomic development of the reference territory, renewable energy and services to citizens.

• Entrepreneurship and Innovation
The Foundation pays attention to the sustainability of projects by promoting innovation and technology, transferring managerial skills, developing new SMEs, expanding networks at regional, national and international scale. Most of the initiatives are focused on environ-mental protection, welfare, creative industries and cultural companies.

• Shareholding and Investing
FSC works with innovative methods of investments by using a range of financial instruments tailored to the needs of organization supported. Among them:

a) Microcredit: FSC has invested in PerMicro since its inception in Turin in 2007. PerMi-cro is the first Italian company specialized in micro-credit. It is part of the Italian and inter-national network of Micro-finance organizations whose objective is to offer micro-credit as a tool for local development and social inclusion.
b) Crowdfunding: FSC has made available the crow-funding solution called “+Resources” developed in partnership with Eppela, an Italian crown funding platform. This project has ben designed for non-profit organizations focused on social innovation and cultural entre-preneurship.
c) Pay by Result: FSC has launched a new model of Pay by Result that can support and revolutionize the social welfare. Inspired by the first Social Impact Bond in UK and for the first time in Italy, this feasibility study is focused on social and labour reintegration of detainees.
d) Shareholding in social impact funds and equity following impact investing principles, with a social venture capital approach in the “impact first” segment and with a sustainable business model.

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