Fondazione l'Albero della Vita Via Vittor Pisani, 13 20124 Milano Italy

Fondazione l’Albero della Vita

L’Albero della Vita offers daily assistance to all children who have been abandoned, giving them health assistance, food and schooling. L’Albero della Vita was founded in Italy in April 1997 as a Voluntary Association, followed a few months later, in January 1998, by the Social Cooperative up to the Foundation in 2004. Its eligibility as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) was issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs on 2009: since then, the project activities have been developed in all continents according to the principles and approaches of international cooperation. It is nowadays presents with local NGOs in Switzerland and the Czech Republic and regional offices of the Italian Foundation in India, Peru and Kenya.


The foundation’s mission is to ensure children’s wellbeing by creating opportunities for a decent, full and satisfactory life. This concerns proper nutrition, personal and medical care, age-appropriate leisure, social and sports activities, as well as the chance of freely nurturing their most intimate aspirations.

Geographic Focus

Italy, Europe, Peru, Haiti, Kenya,India, Bangladesh, Nepal

Programme Areas

1) Poverty
2) Education
3) Migration
4) Development
5) Protection
6) Emergency

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