Fondazione Invernizzi Corso Venezia 32 20121 Milan Italy

Fondazione Invernizzi

The Founder was one of the most successful entrepreneur in the Italian Food Industry of the XX century. With his spouse he decided to dedicate nearly all their wealth to promote the development of Lombardy, ”giving back to their Country what they receive during their working life”. His main interests were agriculture, wellbeing and industrial organisation. For this reason the Foundation supports projects in the research areas of Agriculture, Health and Economics. Notable passion of the Founder was the care for Lombardy countryside landscape.


Main purpose is to preserve the value of the real estate and financial wealth of the late Founders (in particular the XVI century Villa in Palladian style with 800 hectares of gardens and cultivatins in the Milanese countryside and the Palace in the city centre) and support scientific research in Economics, Health, Nutrition & Agriculture.

Geographic Focus


Programme Areas

Preserve the XVI century villa in Palladian style with annexed gardens in the Milanese countryside and the properties in the city centre.

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