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European Network of Equality Bodies

Equinet is the European Network of Equality Bodies, a membership organisation of 47 National Equality Bodies. By strengthening and supporting National Equality Bodies, Equinet works towards achieving equality and ensuring nondiscrimination for everyone in Europe, in all aspects of their lives. Equality Bodies are public organisations that assist victims of discrimination. They monitor
and report on discrimination issues and promote equality. They are legally required to do so in relation to one, some, or all of the grounds of discrimination covered by European Union law – gender, race and ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief, and disability. Based on Equinet’s 2023-2026 Strategic Plan developed over the course of 2022 after an extensive evaluation and impact assessment, our main objectives are:
• Strengthen and support Equality Bodies to achieve equality for all
• Strengthen Equality Bodies as the cornerstones of national equality infrastructures
• Support Equality Bodies through knowledge, capacity-building and skills sharing for the enforcement of their mandate Act as an expert voice of Equality Bodies in Europe on equality and nondiscrimination
• Advance the equality agenda in Europe through strategic engagement and communication
• Maintain Equinet’s position as a research and knowledge hub drawing on Equality Bodies’ experience of equality and nondiscrimination Maintain and improve Equinet’s capacity as a strong, resilient, and innovative Network
• Ensure an enriching membership experience in Equinet, by tailoring activities and engaging all Members
• Develop and sustain Equinet’s resources and accountability to better respond to Members’ needs


Equinet promotes equality in Europe by supporting Equality Bodies to be independent and effective catalysts for more equal societies, and delivers its mission in a way that embodies and promotes its values.

Geographic Focus

EU + accession and candidate countries + Norway + UK + Georgia + Moldova + Ukraine

Programme Areas

Citizenship, Social Justice & Public Affairs,
Human/Civil Rights

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