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European Aids Treatment Group

The European Aids Treatment Group (EATG) is a patient-led NGO that advocates for the rights and interests of people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and related co-infections within the WHO Europe region. It is a network of more than 150 members from 45 countries in Europe. The European Aids Treatment Group members are PLHIV and representatives of different communities affected by HIV/AIDS and co-infections.
EATG vision in Equitable, speedy and sustainable access to:
-effective treatments and holistic care for PLHIV and associated infections and morbidities
-effective prevention and diagnosis for all communities affected by HIV and associated infections and morbdities


European Aids Treatment Group wants to engage, inform and empower all people living with and affected by HIV in:
– improving their health-related quality of life and holistic well-being throughout their life cycle increasing the usage of HIV, viral hepatitis, TB and STI combination prevention and
– testing strategies in affected communities ensuring that ongoing research continues to yield best quality new HIV, viral hepatitis, TB and STI diagnostics, medicines, medical devices and care, as well as progress towards cure.

Geographic Focus

Europe and Central Asia

Programme Areas

1. Quality of Life: This programme priorities working towards integrated sexual and mental health services, challenging stigma and prejudice and other barriers to services, collaborating with and promoting sustainability.
2. Combination Prevention: It priorities promoting a full range of testing/diagnostic options, biomedical prevention, and harm reduction in the context of welcoming, non-stigmatising, and effective community-based or community-influences services.
3. Partner in Science: This programme focuses on long-acting compounds and implants, cure, new treatments, digitalisation, and standards and ethics.

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