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Europe Foundation

The Europe Foundation (EF) creates positive and lasting change through civic engagement. Through its programming and grantmaking, the Foundation strives to promote civic participation and democratic governance in Georgia. It does so by strengthening the capacities of civil society actors, so that they contribute to more inclusive, transparent, and accountable policy making. If civil society capacity and sustainability is strengthened and viable mechanisms of participation are created locally and nationally, then citizens will be better able to enjoy their human rights and freedoms and hold duty-bearers accountable. It is with this rationale in mind that the Foundation’s programs equip CSOs and civic activists with skills, capacities and resources to define and achieve positive outcomes for themselves and their communities. EF employs a participatory approach, which allows civil society actors to determine the issues that are of importance to the right-holders and to develop interventions that will be effective in addressing identified needs – a critical factor in building a vibrant democracy. At the same time, EF is mindful of rising threats to human rights and fundamental freedoms and mobilizes communities and interest groups around specific issue areas to create demand for good governance and democratic change.


Europe Foundation’s mission is to empower people to effect change for social justice and economic prosperity through hands-on programs, helping them to improve their communities and their own lives. EF engages citizens in social, economic, and political developments, in order to effect substantive and sustainable positive socio-economic change at the local, regional, and national level through both operational programs and grantmaking.

Geographic Focus

Georgia, Eastern Partnership region

Programme Areas

Europe Foundation conducts operating programs and strategic grantmaking. The primary difference between the two is the locus of responsibility for program outputs, and the mechanisms controlling financial expenditure. In running operating programs, the Foundation directly manages project activities and takes upon itself ultimate responsibility for delivery of outputs and project results. Grants allocate funding to outside partner organizations through a grant agreement, and the responsibility for delivery of project outputs rests entirely with the grantee. Operating programs maintain the Foundation’s focus on revitalization of the civic sector and strengthening linkages between civic groups, private sector, public authorities, and communities, but they target these areas from a different angle than grants alone. In addition to the Open Door Grantmaking Program, three main areas of operating programs are the Civil Society and Governance, Institutional and Thematic Capacity Development of Civil Society Actors, and Youth Empowerment.

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