Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation 50 Frith Street WID 4SQ London United Kingdom

Doc Society

The Channel 4 BRITDOC has produced over fifty documentaries and have worked with experienced talents in the movie sector. Some of their films have been used as educational tools in schools, to trig Government policy reviews and used strategically in the social justice campaigns to inspire action.


Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation is a non-profit organisation established in 2004 titled sponsored by Channel 4 Television and supported by UK and Usa foundations. Its main mission of Channel 4 BRITDOC is to build a diverse future for documentary. In order to do this, they create films and engage new partners to ensure that these fims have a global impact.

Geographic Focus

based in UK, but it works internationally

Programme Areas

Through documentaries they cover the following areas:
– Human rights
– Environment
– Health
– Education

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