Deutsche Telekom Stiftung Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 71-77 D-53113 Bonn Germany

Deutsche Telekom Stiftung

Deutsche Telekom AG founded the Deutsche Telekom Stiftung as an expression of social responsibility, with the conviction that education, research and innovation are vital prerequisites for future-orientated development in a networked knowledge and information society; and that the state needs the ideas and initiatives of private players if is to master new challenges in these fields.


To help identify and compensate for weaknesses in Germany’s education system and also boost its strengths, supporting new approaches and a new culture of teaching and learning in the fields of mathematics, natural sciences and technology.

Geographic Focus


Programme Areas

The foundation supports the following:
– Early Education
– Classes and More
– Teacher Training
– Talent Development
– Creating Awareness

Early Education: the foundation supports the teaching of STEM subjects in pre-elementary education and helps students transition seamlessly to elementary school.

Classes & More encompasses all the foundation’s projects that combine in-school and extracurricular STEM programs. Their goal is to arouse more interest in STEM subjects at elementary and secondary schools.

Teacher Training: to aim is to provide vocational and continuing education for STEM instructors. Deutsche Telekom Stiftung supports selected universities in their efforts to specialize in this field, starting with math teacher training.

Talent Development: the foundation assists highly talented STEM students by, among other things, granting scholarships to budding scientists and young immigrants.

Creating Awareness covers programs designed to help fix weaknesses in the educational system and effect positive change. Deutsche Telekom Stiftung’s objective is to permanently strengthen Germany’s claim to being an educational, research and scientific powerhouse.

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