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Chiesi Foundation

To be an Integrated Foundation, Chiesi Foundation has numerous strong links to the founding company. This decision has been driven by the will to harness the business acumen and networks of the founding company to create positive, impactful social change in the field of global health. For this reason, Chiesi Foundation promotes their mission beyond the borders, in those countries where the company does not have a commercial reach, and access to quality of care is not yet guaranteed.


To promote health and alleviate the suffering of patients affected by respiratory and neonatal diseases.

Geographic Focus

Low and middle income countries, specific focus on French-speaking sub-saharan African countries and South American countries

Programme Areas

The foundations’s mission is pursued through scientific research and international cooperation programs.

It works in partnership with local and international organisations by co-designing scientific research project and implementing two different models to improve the quality of neonatal care and to enhance the management of Chronic Respiratory Disease.
• The NEST (Neonatal Essential Survival Technology) is a project designed by the Chiesi Foundation that aims to reduce neonatal mortality rates by improving the quality of neonatal care in countries with limited resources, paying specific attention to premature, sick, unwell and small for gestational age babies. The NEST project is currently implemented in Burkina Faso, Burundi, Togo and Benin.
• The GASP (Global Access to Spirometry Project) is a project focused on the development of specific clinical skills for the diagnosis and management of chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), through the introduction of spirometry capacity and training activities. The GASP project is currently implemented in Guyana and Peru.

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