Cecilia Zino Foundation Rua Velha da Ajuda 8 9000 -115 Funchal Portugal

Cecilia Zino Foundation

The Foundation was established to fulfil the desire expressed by Cecilia Rose Zino to create a Paediatric Hospital dedicated to (protecting and assisting) the poor children from Madeira Island. It was the only unit offering paediatric beds until 1973 and played a very important role in the treatment of the last outbreak of poliomyelitis detected in Portugal.

The mission of caring for children is entrusted to the Dominican Sisters of the Congregation of Saint Catherine of Siena, which they have fulfilled since its beginning.


The Foundation’s mission is to protect and assist children and youth in need, that have been removed from their families due to conditions that impede their normal development and safety. It aims to promote a healing and stimulating environment for their integral development and positive future.

Geographic Focus

Madeira Island, Portugal, Europe

Programme Areas

Social Inclusion and Social Protection (child poverty and social exclusion)
Development of autonomy, personal and social competences
Promotion of quality care for children and youth
Investing in quality early years education and care
Child protection policies
Family and parenting support services
Human Development
Philanthropy and Social Welfare

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