Christoffel-Blindenmission Deutschland e.V. Stubenwald Allee 5 64625 Bensheim Germany

CBM Christoffel-Blindenmission Christian Blind Mission e.V.

CBM addresses poverty as a cause and a consequence of disability, and works in partnership to create an inclusive society for all. Their vision is an inclusive world in which all persons with disabilities enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential. Core values:
-Christianity: aspiring to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ
-International: being an international organisation
-Professional: aiming for quality in activities
-Integrity: being good stewards of our resources
-Communication: communicating honestly and respectfully
-Inclusion: practicing and promoting inclusion


CMB is an international Christian development organisation whose primary mission is to improve the quality of life of people living with disabilities, their families, local partner organizations, and alliances partners including national and local Governments, UN agencies, international and national non-governmental organizations, and Disabled persons’ Organizations (DPOs).

Geographic Focus

Development Countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa and the eastern Mediterranean region

Programme Areas

CBM works closely with persons with disabilities, partners and networks. CBM focuses on seven initiatives:
I. Disability inclusive development (DID)
II. Community based inclusive development (CBID)
III. Emergency response
IV. Ear and hearing care (EHC)
V. Eye health
VI. Education
VII. Community mental health (CMH)

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