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Carlsberg Foundation

CarlsbergFondet was established in 1876 by Brewer J.C. Jacobsen. Following his death in 1887, the Foundation became the sole owner of the Old Carlsberg Brewery. In 1902, the Carlsberg Foundation also became the owner of Carl Jacobsen’s New Carlsberg Brewery. When Carlsberg merged with Tuborg in 1970, the Carlsberg Foundation was awarded a mandatory ownership of at least 51% of the shares in Carlsberg A/S.


The Carlsberg Foundation supports excellent basic research within the fields of natural science, the humanities and social science. Furthermore, the Foundation works to maintain and develop the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle; to grant funds for socially beneficial objectives through the Tuborg Foundation; and to fund and manage the Carlsberg Laboratory, which is an independent unit under the Carlsberg Research Centre. Finally, the Carlsberg Foundation supports the arts through the New Carlsberg Foundation

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Programme Areas

The foundation supports basic scholarly objectives, helping to finance projects, apparatus and equipment, thesis printing, and travel and research visits. The Carlsberg Foundation funds scientific research within the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. Through yearly grants the Foundations funds also funds research at its departments: Carlsberg Laboratory, The Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle, The Tuborg Foundation

The foundation is active in the following areas:

• Natural science, including mathematics and philosophy
• Humanities and social sciences

Scientific Social Responsibility (SSR) is a new approach that can best be described as a third dimension of scientists’ traditional responsibility for research and education.
SSR means that the research supported by the Carlsberg Foundation must be visionary and innovative and must help solve a number of fundamental and universal social problems. This applies to the natural sciences as well as to the humanities and social sciences.

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