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AVSI Foundation

We stay with local communities long after the project is over, looking for new ways for growth and innovation.
We reach the most vulnerable communities but we encounter people, not problems or needs. To start from the value of the person means not only that every person we meet has value as a human being, but that everyone, even the poorest and most vulnerable, has something to give, something to start from, not just to receive. It also implies that working with communities is not about finding and meeting needs; it is about finding people and nurturing community as a response to needs


AVSI implements cooperation projects in various sectors with a preferential focus on education, meaning that the person is accompanied towards self-discovery and recognition that the other person is a resource.
Each project is conceived as an instrument to promote this awareness in everyone involved, has in itself a need for communicating and sharing, and creates an impact capable of generating a positive change.

Geographic Focus

Worldwide (Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Caribbean)

Programme Areas

– Education
– Environment/Climate
– Food, Agriculture & Nutrition
– Health, Humanitarian & Disaster Relief
– Socio-economic Development
– Poverty
– Youth/Children Development
– Migration and refugees

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