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Association of Finnish Foundations

The Council of Finnish Foundations (Säätiöiden ja rahastojen neuvottelukunta in Finnish) is an association of grant-makers. The Council, founded in 1970, now has a membership comprising 181 grant-making foundations and associations. The Council members disbursed nearly EUR 500 million in 2016 for the purposes specified in their by-laws in support of art, research, culture and social causes. The Council has no grant-making programme of its own.


Programme Areas

The Council represents grant-making foundations in their relations with public authorities, and oversees the interests of its membership in various ways, such as by issuing opinions on proposals to reform the laws that govern the interests of foundations and other grant-making organizations. The Council also enables its members to exchange information and views on questions of common concern.

The Council of Finnish Foundations arranges Training for fiduciaries and functionaries working in member organisations and also a biannual seminar on matters of topical concern in the field of foundations and grants. The Council also published guidelines, reports and studies on foundations.

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