Association for Community Relations Bd. 1 Decembrie 1918, nr.4, ap.7 400699 Cluj-Napoca Romania

Association for Community Relations (ARC)

ARC is a resource centre for foundations (corporate and otherwise), individual and family philanthropy and a network of community foundations. It is not membership- but partnership- and coalition-based. For ARC, strategic philanthropy, which is rooted in ones’ values, changes relations between people and the causes they support and creates a strong relation between nonprofits and private donors, both individuals and companies. And this leads to a transformation in the trust fiber of the society; creates confidence in our own power and in our chance to make a better life for all.


ARC is about giving hope, with strength from all. Responsible philanthropy has the capacity to make people think. About the why, about the how and about the impact of their giving. But most of all, they realise that their giving has to be part of a larger context and they start to think about alliances, systemic change and durability of change.

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