19 October 2020

IKEA Foundation livelihood development programme for Somali refugees wins FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards

An IKEA Foundation livelihood development programme focused upon Somali refugees in Ethiopia has won an award at Financial Times/International Finance Corporation 2020 Transformational Business Awards.

The programme, created in collaboration with UNCHR, supports refugees and local communities in the remote region of Dollo Ado, Ethiopia, helping to create sustainable entrepreneurial and employment opportunities in five camps for Somali refugees. This has been achieved through the provision of technical training and establishment of independent refugee-led agricultural cooperatives, as well as the creation of necessary infrastructure to support farming and commercial activities.

The award “Innovating for the Most Vulnerable and Disadvantaged” was presented on 8 October, with IKEA Foundation CEO, Per Heggenes stating beforehand “We’re honoured to have been short-listed. Our work in Dollo Ado, Ethiopia, has demonstrated that when refugees are given the permission to work and make a living, they will contribute their skills, talents and aspirations in a way that benefits the whole community.”

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