13 August 2020

Giving Thought podcast on European philanthropy during and after COVID

CAF’s Giving Thought podcast, which explores trends in global philanthropy and civil society, has dedicated a mini-series of four episodes to discussing European philanthropy’s response to the COVID-19 crisis and how the crisis might affect philanthropy in the longer term.

The first episode is with DAFNE’s Max von Abendroth and Rosa Gallego, Director of the Spanish Association of Foundations. It explores a range of topics, including: the varied history of philanthropy across Europe; the role of community foundations; increasing collaboration across the sector; the shift towards core funding; the shrinking of civic space; the importance of philanthropic infrastructure; and the role of philanthropy support organisations.

The second episode is with James Magowan from ECFI (the European Community Foundation Initiative). It explores the history and current landscape of community foundations across Europe; challenges to positioning community foundations as a “movement”; the role of community foundations in responding to COVID and potential future implications; and the role and value of infrastructure bodies.

The third episode is with Julie Broome, Director of the Ariadne network. It explores social change funding; the history and current landscape of rights-focused philanthropy in Europe; COVID and responses to it exacerbating rights issues; the role and value of infrastructure organisations; the challenges of funding social change movements; and the importance of core-cost funding.

The fourth and final episode in the mini-series is with Carola Carazzone, Secretary General of Italy’s Assifero. It explores philanthropy in Italy with comparisons to the rest of Europe; philanthropic responses to COVID in Italy; and the role and value of infrastructure bodies in supporting civil society organisations.