8 December 2018

Fonds 1818 issues first call for applications for projects supporting financial self-reliance

In recent years, Dutch EFC member 1818 Fonds has been exploring what is being done to promote financial self-reliance in the Netherlands. The fund is looking to support new projects that ensure that people stay out of debt or come out debt soon. It will make one million euros available for this purpose up until the end of 2022, with applying organisations able to submit a plan up until 1 April 2019.

Projects aimed at the following themes qualify for support:

  • Promoting collaboration between organisations, agencies, companies and governments
  • Low-threshold emergency facilities aimed at relieving acute distress
  • Early detection and resolution of financial problems
  • Supporting volunteers who are involved in projects where financial self-reliance is paramount
  • Providing information and support with a view to improving living conditions

To find out more please read the full story on the 1818 Fonds website (in Dutch)