24 April 2019

Fondation de France designated as one of the collectors of the funds to rebuild Notre Dame

Following the fire that damaged large parts of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris on the 15 April, efforts have begun to raise funds for the reconstruction of the symbolic building, with Fondation de France being designated as one of the collectors of the funds.

The fire, that devastated large parts of the structure, will require vast amounts of time, effort and patience to rectify, in addition to substantial amounts of money. Efforts to fund the reconstruction and rebuild have already begun with fundraising pages being established worldwide and donations already totalling approximately €700 million. Various French municipalities have promised funds to support the reconstruction along with multitudes of benefactors donating funds worldwide, including both private individuals and multinational corporations.

In France, Fondation de France has been designated as one of four French foundations in charge of collecting funds. To donate click here.

Outside of France TransNational Giving Europe will collect funds from any European foundations who wish to contribute towards the reconstruction efforts of Notre Dame.

Photo credit: BERTRAND GUAY / AFP