26 January 2022

Winter Meeting 2022 – Building Resilience, Thriving in Uncertainty: The Role of Infrastructure Organisations

Uncertainty is one of the key challenges facing our societies in the twenty-first century. How can philanthropy infrastructure organisations keep up with the quickly changing philanthropy field? How to cope with information overload and complexity? How to identify what really matters and will drive the sector in the years to come? How to be even better connected with members, their real needs and develop a strategy that is both long-term and agile. These are some of the questions we want to address at the 2022 Winter Meeting.

The Winter Meeting is the annual flagship event for philanthropic organisations and national associations, which provides a space to consider current topical issues, share knowledge and experience, and engage with a broad range of stakeholders with an interest in the work of philanthropy infrastructure. The Winter Meeting involves field leaders and experts, and its highly interactive format ensures there are many opportunities for active engagement, learning and networking at both strategic and practical levels.

Please contact Hanna Stähle for further information.