22 September 2020

Towards a Shared Understanding of Funding Systems Change

Ariadne will host “Towards a Shared Understanding of Funding Systems Change “, a webinar on 22 September offering insights from the recent report Embracing Complexity: Towards a Shared Understanding of Funding Systems Change, discussions on funding practices for social change and a chance to reflect upon what is and is not working on this path for change.

There is a growing awareness among funders about how deeply funding practice impacts on the power, voice, resilience and creativity of civil society organisations and social movements all over the world. In several European countries, at least two false myths combined – nonprofits should cost very little, and all funding must be allocated to output-based activities and projects – are strangling them in what is known as “starvation cycle”, reducing their capacity to be resilient, bold and influential as changemakers. Civil society organisations and activists require mission-oriented flexible and long-term support core support, while mainstream funding practice in many European countries is still mainly short-term and project-restricted. Could these be some of the self-imposed stumbling blocks in promoting systems change?

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