9 March 2023
Warsaw, Poland

Research Forum workshop – Funding for Research – Innovative Approaches to Assessment and Selection

The Research Forum will explore “Funding for Research – Innovative Approaches to Assessment and Selection” at a workshop on 9 March in Warsaw, hosted by the Foundation for Polish Science.

Over the last 25 years, the role of foundations as supporters of research and innovation in Europe has grown significantly both in terms of scope and scale. A report by the European Commission states that the R&I expenditure of the 991 foundations who participated in the study was of €5.01 billion a  year, about half the average annual budget that the EU gave to researchers and innovators throughout the whole duration of the Horizon 2020 programme (EUFORI Study, 2015). Within the membership of Philea, 40% of organisations support researchers, public higher education institutions and research institutes. However, which methods can improve the selection of eligible projects?

This workshop will explore several approaches to research funding by foundations, be it for the selection of project proposals or for non-competitive funding.


Ilaria d’Auria
Head of Programmes – Thematic Collaborations