26 October 2023

Launch event for the second edition of UK Funding Justice

As social justice becomes an increasingly urgent issue in philanthropy, this report analyses 18,816 grants from 60 known social justice funders. These grants total £952.4 million, or around 21% of UK foundation giving in 2021/22.  

The research aims to increase our shared understanding of where social justice funding is going and – given the urgency of our times – whether we are getting the balance right. It maps how much UK foundation giving is going to work addressing injustice and looks in detail at how social justice funding is allocated.

The event will also share the initial findings which will be followed up by a comprehensive report. 

Building on first edition, this updated analysis applies a movement ecology framework to UK social justice funding. Results show that the majority of funding is going towards ‘service delivery’ or ‘inside game’ work, but by contrast little is reaching ‘outside game’ activities that are vital in building people power and securing systemic change. 

The research also maps the geographic and issue spread of UK social justice funding and begins to explore ‘churn’ in the allocation of grants.   

Event Speakers

Jon Cracknell
The Hour is Late