19 January 2021

Funding the Future: Interactive Peer Learning Session. Climate Change: Are we doing enough? – Where to start

19 January, 4-5 PM (CET)

Funding the Future: Interactive Peer Learning Session

Climate change: Are we doing enough? – Where to start

with George Kabalt, Special Advisor Climate to the Laudes Foundation and Porticus & Kathryn Maunders, Founder Ten Thousand Starlings 

George Kabalt has held senior positions in business, family offices and philanthropy for three decades. His personal and professional journeys have intertwined since then in a commitment to awaken and support individuals, teams and organizations to make this planet a place where people and nature flourishes. In 2019, he led a cross-entity team of CEOs and senior professionals to develop strategies for mainstreaming climate change mitigation into their philanthropies. From his vast experience in working with foundations, corporations, and families, George will share insights and recommendations on how to get started in climate philanthropy and reflect on his experiences in integrating climate change across a portfolio of themes.

Kathryn designs high impact strategy and builds new ventures for family-owned businesses, philanthropies and impact-oriented ventures. Alongside George, she supported the cross-entity team working on climate change at the Laudes Foundation and Porticus. 

The event is co-hosted by Dafne and Active Philanthropy and will be held in English.