2 February 2022

Philea Funders’ Forum on Sustainable Cities – Place–based grantmaking and Covid-19 – Turning challenges into opportunities

The Funders Forum on Sustainable Cities will explore “Place–based grantmaking and Covid-19 – Turning challenges into opportunities” at its spring meeting on 2 February 2022.

The coronavirus pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on our communities with immeasurable implications for society. Place–based grantmaking has a crucial role to play in supporting initiatives that could provide both immediate relief and long-term solutions in our recovery, both in the medium and long-term.

However, pre- pandemic modes of philanthropic support may need to be re- considered, both the disproportionate impact on societies most vulnerable and the new dynamics and restrictions that have emerged in the past two years. What questions should funders be asking to ensure effective philanthropic grantmaking in this time of crisis and beyond? Which practices should be enhanced, and which should be changed? Do we already have successful strategies and practices for effective grantmaking in cities that have come about during the pandemic?

The meeting is open to all funders interested in discussing how their place–based grantmaking approaches have changed (or not), sharing lessons learned, and creating connections among organisations willing to proactively turn challenges into opportunities.

This meeting is only open to Philea members.

For more information contact Giulia Lombardi.