22 June 2021

ERNOP Science and Society Seminar Series 2021 – Developing indicators of stress for charitable organisations

The next seminar of the ERNOP Science and Society Seminar Series 2021 will take place on 22 June to explore “Developing indicators of stress for charitable organisations“.

The present Covid crisis has led to considerable concerns about the financial risks facing voluntary organisations, but we lack a firm evidence base about the nature of those risks. For instance, how do we know which organisations are most vulnerable to reductions in funding of various kinds? What sort of organisations have had a funding trajectory that indicates vulnerability?

By using financial data from regulators such as the Charity Commission for England and Wales, and also from samples of charity accounts, this session presents an analysis what is going on for over 100 000 charities in any given year. The value of this for stakeholders is to address questions of which organisations might be at risk and therefore to enable them to identify potential ways of supporting them.

The ERNOP Science and Society Seminars are a monthly series of online seminars in which researchers from ERNOP philanthropy research centres and academic chairs present their state of the artwork through online presentations.

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