7 March 2023

ERNOP Online Series 2022-2023 – Strengthening Community Philanthropy

ERNOP will host the fifth webinar in its online series for 2022-2023, on the topic of “Strengthening Community Philanthropy” on 7 March.

Spread across multiple settings, fields and disciplines, the notion of community philanthropy is appealing and multi-faceted; it presents an ever-changing arrangement of principles, practices, patterns and perceptions that cover a diversity of interrelated ideas and ideals. However, knowledge and understanding of community philanthropy remain emergent; more diversity in views and voices and a better critically reflective synthesis of empirical and theoretical insights are needed.

Tobias Jung will discuss how a more decentred approach to understanding community philanthropy can help us address these challenges. In order to strengthen community philanthropy in Europe, this session explores the community philanthropy ‘kaleidoscope’ as a way to explore, integrate and reflect on community philanthropy’s diverse facets.