2 December 2021  -  3 November 2021

ERNOP Conference 2021 – “Building Bridges in the aftermath of covid-19: Where will the Philanthropy of Today lead us Tomorrow?”

What role for philanthropy in bridging the gaps caused by covid-19? What effects does Covid-19 have on philanthropy itself? To what extent can philanthropy overcome rising levels of inequality? How will we navigate the tensions that exist between government funding and private philanthropic giving?

The ERNOP Conference 2021 will bridge the gap between theory and practice in the philanthropic space, addressing these, and many other, global societal challenges and discussing the contribution that philanthropy can provide in tackling them.

Hosted by the Sutherland School of Law at University College Dublin, in partnership with, Trinity College Dublin and Philanthropy Ireland, the conference will welcome scholars from all disciplines and practitioners of philanthropy who share a motivation to discuss the purpose and practice of philanthropy in the present day, and to generate new questions about how philanthropy might develop in the future.

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