27 November 2019

EFC Research Forum workshop – Towards an impactful evidence-based research grant-making

The EFC’s Research Forum is organising a workshop ”Towards an impactful evidence-based research grant-making” in Barcelona, hosted by ”la Caixa” Foundation, on 27 November, 2019.

More and more philanthropic organisations opt to support research and innovation with the aim of positioning scientific knowledge and innovation as key drivers for tackling some of the greatest societal challenges of today and tomorrow. However, understanding if and how philanthropic efforts are contributing to help accomplish this mission is not always evident. In this context, it becomes particularly relevant for philanthropic institutions to seek and gather evidence of the value of their interventions.

However, and despite the increasing emerging literature and theoretical frameworks, a lot of organisations struggle to implement approaches and tools that are meaningful for their needs and purposes. Therefore, this workshop aims to offer an interactive space for participants to exchange reflections, sets of practices, procedures and tools to capture, learn and improve the impact of research funding schemes. Additionally, experts from academia and from institutional philanthropy will be invited to present relevant considerations and good practices to take into account when implementing research impact assessment frameworks and plans. In this way, inputs exchanged at this workshop are expected to help create collective knowledge and capacity towards an impactful evidence-based research grant-making.

For further information on the workshop visit the event website or contact Jennifer Fitzsimons.