19 May 2020

EFC Research Forum Webinar – Innovative Selection Methodology in Research Funding

The EFC Research Forum will hold a webinar on 19 May, opening up open discussions on “Innovative Selection Methodology in Research Funding” from 14:00 to 16:00.

The peer review system is widely considered as the best method to ensure the highest quality proposals are being funded. But it is not without its faults. It can be seen as inefficient, lacking transparency, biased towards established researchers and at times stymieing innovation. Particularly for competitive research programmes with low success rates the peer review system is challenged. With this in mind, more foundations are carrying out experiments relating to selection methods to improve the system.

These innovations include anonymising proposals so reviewers concentrate on the idea rather than the person. This can reduce bias within the selection process in relation to gender, race and ethnicity, and career stage. Partial randomisation is also being experimented with as a way to reduce bias. Some foundations are opting to test out the ‘golden ticket’ method where each reviewer can choose one proposal to fund without consensus in the panel, which aims to increase funding to riskier research ideas. In the area of biomedical research, non-experts are being invited into panels, particularly patients, their families and care-givers.

This webinar will hear from four examples of foundations who are innovating their selection methods for research grants. An open discussion will then take place among foundations to discuss innovations within their own selection methods, challenges they are facing, and lessons they have learned along the way.

This webinar is by invitation-only.

For further information contact Erica Ianni.