10 December 2019

European Democracy Network meeting – New mandate, nEU opportunities for philanthropy?

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The EFC’s European Democracy Network will host a network meeting for the members to come together, discuss and reflect ”New mandate, nEU opportunities for philanthropy?” in Philanthropy House, Brussels, on 10 December 2019.

With the 2019 European elections behind us and a new European Commission announced, it is time for philanthropy to reflect on these changes and how it will impact work relating to democracy over the next 5 years. Is there room to move agendas on the shrinking space for civil society, for transparency and accountability of institutions, citizen participation?

This meeting will open with a reflection on philanthropic activities prior to and during the European elections. What activities were implemented, what are the lessons learned, and what would you do differently next time? There will then be three separate discussions on different policies relating to democracy. These discussions will be future oriented, looking at how the new configurations of the European Commission and the European Parliament will impact them. Will there be opportunities to move forward on these agendas. Through the registration form, participants will be able to choose which policy areas are most relevant for them and the three with the highest demand will be selected for the discussions.

Janis Emmanouilidis, Director of Studies at the European Policy Centre will talk participants through the changes in the institutions and how these changes will impact policies. Participants will discuss how they foresee these changes impacting their work on democracy.

The meeting is for EFC members only.

For further information contact Jennifer Fitzsimons.