29 September 2020

EFC Disability Thematic Network Webinar – Discussing the impact of COVID-19 on disability services

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The EFC Disability Thematic Network will hold a webinar “Discussing the impact of COVID-19 on disability services” on 29 September, 14:00-15:30.

We are now almost eight months into a pandemic that does not seem to be fading away anytime soon. As in many other times in history, when a crisis hits, the most vulnerable people are often those who suffer the hardest consequences, while inequality seems to grow bigger every day.

This is the situation facing many people with disabilities, who already under normal circumstances experience a hard time accessing basic, yet necessary services such as healthcare and education, and whose situation has been exponentially worsened by the pandemic. How were people with disabilities able to cope with the COVID crisis?  What instruments and services were put into place, or reinforced so to assure they would continue to receive access to the necessary care they need?

This webinar will explore the development of instruments put in place to support people with disabilities during the COVID-19 crisis, and what role philanthropic organisations played in this context.

For more information, contact Letizia Manzoni.