5 April 2022

EDGE Funders Webinar – The Climate-Agrifood Nexus

EDGE Funders will co-host a webinar “The Climate-Agrifood Nexus” with GRAIN and Grassroots International, on 5 April.

The current industrial food system is a massive driver of climate change. Soil erosion, pollution, deforestation, food miles, packaging and waste all contribute to a massive carbon footprint from seed to supermarket to plate. As recent research by GRAIN and others have shown, industrial meat and chemical fertiliser are especially large contributors to our current climate crisis – bigger than common culprits like fossil fuel companies, as the recent New York Times video makes clear. Now, corporations even want to take over climate initiatives, greenwashing with false solutions like “net zero” and “climate-smart agriculture.” Simultaneously – paradoxically – fortunately: the global agrifood system is also where the most potential for remediation and regeneration exists. Food sovereignty and agroecology would go a long way in solving the climate crisis, stewarding instead of savaging the land.

Building on the EDGE conversations on climate justice at the 2021 annual conference, this hour-long webinar will provide context and concrete examples connecting food and climate both in theory and in practice.