12 December 2023

Data on Philanthropy – by us, for us: Understanding National Philanthropy Landscapes: France

The next “Data on Philanthropy – by us, for us” will be on “Understanding National Philanthropy Landscapes: France” online on 12 December with representatives from Fondation de France.

Many organisations undertake studies to better understand the various national philanthropic landscapes of Europe, which in turn can better inform foundations of their work. Representatives from Fondation de France will present the 6th edition of their national study on foundations and endowment funds which for the first time in 20 years, combines quantitative and qualitative methods.

The quantitative survey highlights the increasing weight of the sector in France (over 5300 Foundations and Endowment Funds (FEFs) are active reaching over 40 billion euros in assets and 15 billion in spending). It also reveals that individuals are the main initiators of philanthropic organisations (52%) and that social justice and inclusion are the main focus of activity. In turn, the qualitative analysis sheds light on a range of strategies employed and on current considerations on the role and responsibility of philanthropic organisations in today’s social and political context, from trust-based to systemic approaches.


Daniel Spiers
Programme Manager – Peer-Exchanges & Knowledge