27 October 2021

Dafne: What if every foundation cared about climate?

Dafne will host “What if every foundation cared about climate?” the second event of the What if? Reimagining philanthropy event series on 27 October.

Philanthropy is about mobilising private resources for the public good yet today an overwhelming majority of philanthropic resources are used without reflecting their impact on climate change. The climate crisis affects every aspect of human life, and by extension, all areas of philanthropy activity. With its independence and resources, philanthropy has the potential to support the bold and urgent transformative change required across our societies.  So, what if every foundation cared about climate?

The event, featuring Kristina Johansson, Director, Solberga Foundation, will explore, build knowledge, and inspire action with regards to how funders and foundations can apply a climate lens to everything they are doing, and what are the opportunities that can emerge from it.

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