28 February 2023

Culture is the new energy for Europe – Cultural Deal for Europe annual policy conversation

The recently launched Cultural Deal for Europe presents proposals to put culture at the centre stage of EU policies. On February 28 the three organisations behind the campaign – Culture Action Europe (CAE), the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and Europa Nostra, also in its capacity as coordinator of the European Heritage Alliance – will bring together MEPs and representatives of the European cultural ecosystem to address this key issue.  

First launched in 2020 in the first months of the pandemic, the Cultural Deal for Europe campaign has been revamped this year to reflect on a changing world and new EU and global trends.

The purpose of the political debate in Brussels is to discuss how to unlock the power of culture for Europe. The Cultural Deal for Europe argues culture is a fundamental value for democracy and it deserves a central place in Europe’s future. An important milestone will be the European Parliament elections 2024, and the soon-to-start mid-term review of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). Culture and cultural heritage need to be at the core of both debates and negotiations. 

2023 Annual Policy Conversation  

The six major political groups of the European Parliament are invited to react to the Cultural Deal for Europe proposals. In a town hall meeting they also respond to the audience – offline and online – questions. For those wishing to join digitally, please register via this link.

The full Cultural Deal for Europe statement 2023 can be found here

This is the third edition of the annual policy conversation in the framework of the Cultural Deal for Europe campaign. Earlier editions resulted in thousands of cultural organisations, individuals and 110 cultural networks endorsing the campaign. The initiative became instrumental for setting the symbolic goal of 2% for culture in national recovery and resilience plans and, in turn, mobilising and securing an estimated 12 billion euros for culture across the European Union.