15 June 2021

Conference on the Future of Europe – How can foundations and the philanthropy sector engage?

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Taking place in parallel with the Conference on the Future of Europe, the EFC and Dafne will host a webinar on 15 June to explore “how can foundations and the philanthropy sector engage?” with the Conference and what it means to the sector.

The aim is to stimulate more engagement among our members and the wider philanthropy and foundation sector about the Conference on the Future of Europe, its objectives and entry points for philanthropic organisations/foundations, as well as to highlight what the sector has been already doing or is planning to do in the context of the Conference.

Philanthropy and foundations are at the forefront in developing responses to societal challenges and for advancing the public good in Europe and its expertise and views should feed into the thinking about the Future of Europe. The webinar should highlight the objectives and process of the Conference and offer insights into how the sector can engage via the conference structure and the EESC and beyond for example via the civil society led Civil Society Convention, which separately seeks to collect civil society input and bridge to the Conference.

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For more information contact Hanna Surmatz.