1 March 2023  -  3 March 2023
Brussels, Belgium

Civil Society Days 2023

The EESC Civil Society Liaison Group will host from 1-3 March the Civil Society Days 2023. For this occasion, citizens, organised civil society and the European institutions will gather under the theme “Civil society organisations: a pillar of democracy and a key player to overcome current challenges”. 

Organised civil society is continuously challenged to adapt to the life-altering changes we never expected to see. And at a time when attention is diverted towards the twin transition and the energy crises, the EU must address the resurgent existential threats to democratic values. Skills – be they vocational or social, technical or key competences – can help all of us, at any age, not only to cope with each wave of crises, but also to inspire people in the role they can craft for society to move forward. This, in turn, enhances genuine democratic participation and advances both communities and social life.  

In an open and inclusive conversation, the participants will discuss participatory and deliberative democracy, democratisation of the European economy and how should civil society be funded.  

In this context, Philea will host a workshop on ‘Civil Society Space, civil dialogue and funding of civil society’ in collaboration with Social Platform and the EESC’s ad-hoc Group on Fundamental Rights and Rule of Law.  The session will outline existing barriers to the action of civil society, comprising philanthropy and  foundations, and discuss solutions to the problem with policy makers including the need to overcome barriers for cross-border action and the call for an overall civil society strategy and EU wide discussion around civil dialogue.    

Registration is mandatory and open until 27 February. You can register here