25 October 2022  -  27 October 2022

Ariadne’s Grant Skills Week 2022: What does accountability mean for social justice funders?

Ariadne will host the Grant Skills Week 2022 “What does accountability mean for social justice funders?” online from 25-27 October.

In 2019, Ariadne, in collaboration with HRFN and Gender Funders CoLab, set up a funder advisory committee and embarked on a journey to identify guiding principles for human rights grantmaking. At Ariadne’s Great Reconnect 2022, these principles were explored with members, and an active discussion emerged around what accountability means for funders and how we can be more accountable as a sector.

During the Grant Skills Week 2022, these questions will be explored further, including how philanthropy is accountable for the unequal distribution of wealth, to whom philanthropy is accountable, and what accountability means for foundation investments.

More details will follow soon.