18 September 2024
London, UK

ACF Leaders Forum 2024

The Association of Charitable Foundations will host its Leaders Forum 2024 on 18 September in London.

In light of the latest climate science, the Leaders Forum 2024 will focus on how trusts and foundations can rise to the challenge of the climate emergency. The forum offers a unique opportunity for connection that many of ACF members don’t get elsewhere. Senior leaders and decision makers will benefit from:

  • opportunities for informal, supportive peer discussions 
  • both structured and free form chances to network
  • more autonomy for senior leaders to decide how they spend the day
  • a chance to ‘look up and out’ and a space to come together and work on knotty issues
  • a space to think like a sector and be challenged as a sector
  • content that is specifically relevant to senior leaders and decision makers
  • a range of voices and diverse experiences 
  • consideration of the many facets of inclusion, making it a welcoming space for all.