14 May 2020

European philanthropy at the nexus of disability and the SDGs – the EFC’s first accessible publication

In collaboration with Disability Hub Europe, the European Social Fund, and Fundación ONCE, the EFC has published “European philanthropy at the nexus of disability and the SDGs” – the EFC’s first accessible publication.

The new publication contains a series of case studies from funders around Europe, an infographic on European philanthropy, disability and the SDGs, and a Q and A with the EFC’s Disability Thematic Network members.

In September 2015 the world’s governments adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is a great achievement and a major step in the development of human rights that persons with disabilities have been explicitly included in a global agreement, with 5 of the 17 Goals specifically mentioning disability.

Michael Fembek, EFC Disability Thematic Network Chair and Director of the Zero Project, ESSL Foundation.

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Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash