6 October 2021

European Day of Foundations and Donors sees launch of ‘Comparative Highlights of Foundation Laws’ amongst Europe-wide celebrations

On 1 October Philanthropy Advocacy published “Comparative Highlights of Foundation Laws” a broad, comparative overview of the diverse legal and fiscal environments of foundations, across 40 countries, as well as identifies relevant trends and developments. The study shows that despite trends towards more integration, old and new barriers to cross-border philanthropic action exist and a European single market for philanthropy and the public good is not yet a reality.

The publication was launched at a special online event convening academics, members of the Philanthropy Advocacy Advisory Committee, and EU policymakers.  Panel discussions addressed the key findings of the mapping in addition to critical issues for the philanthropic sector including anti-money laundering legislation, cross-border philanthropy, the tax treatment of philanthropic donations and innovative approaches to philanthropy.

Read the full event report.

The event itself was part of a continent-wide celebration of European philanthropy on 1 October, the European Day of Foundations and Donors, which takes place each year to showcase the beneficial role that foundations and donors play in all of our European societies. The hashtag for the event, #October1Europe, was widely used around Europe, a sign of the building momentum behind this celebratory day for European philanthropy!

#October1Europe highlights: