30 April 2019

Europe: speculative fiction writing

In the run up to #EP2019 elections the European Cultural Foundation and the University of Amsterdam Centre for European Studies – https://aces.uva.nl/ – organised two events on political imagination. The first event focused on the spaces and narratives of the far-right in Europe. In a panel discussion, the speakers [Andrea Mammone, Linda Bos and Marc Tuters] considered contemporary as well as historical transnational connections between some of the key actors on the European far-right and ‘identitarian’ scene, addressing their strategies for claiming space on social media and in the popular imaginary. https://vimeo.com/329369517

The second event centred around a speculative fiction workshop on the futures of Europe and the European Union by Giuseppe Porcaro – whose novel Disco Sour – https://discosour.net/ – has been awarded the second Altiero Spinelli Prize. Porcaro also launched Europarama – a podcast series about science fiction and the future of Europe: https://europarama.simplecast.com/ Illustrator Menah Wellens – http://www.menah.nl/ – captured the conversation between author Guido Snel and Giuseppe Porcaro and the ensuing development of the narrative.