1 October 2020

EFC EEFG Webinar Series Ep.3 | The Green Deal: implications and future perspectives | 25 September 2020

The EFC’s European Environmental Funders Group (EEFG) opened up discussions on the “Green Deal: implications and future perspectives” on 25 September, the third webinar in a series of webinars discussing specific environmental issues currently at stake for the philanthropic sector.

The “Green Deal” proposal presented by the European Commission in December 2019 is a comprehensive roadmap for steering the EU towards carbon neutrality and, more broadly, towards sustainable development objectives. The Commission created political momentum with its outspoken ambition to define “profoundly transformative” measures and revise numerous European laws and programs, going beyond previous efforts (“A Clean Planet for All” from 2018); However, many of the suggested policies are still to be specified and the final outcome will depend on political struggles within the complex EU governance system.

This session sought to briefly point out the key strengths and weaknesses of the roadmap and suggest ways of improving it.

Speaker: Wojtek Kalinowski, Co-Director, Veblen Institute for Economic Reforms

Moderator: Claudia Neubauer, Programme Manager, Fondation Charles Mayer pour le Progrès del Homme