20 July 2018

EFC and DAFNE continue to engage with European Commission on European Values instrument

The EFC and DAFNE continue to engage jointly with the European Commission about the European Values Instrument, which is considered an important tool to defend democracy, human rights, core European values and a strong civil society within the EU.

At the end of June, Commissioner Jourova responded with a letter to our earlier call for a European values instrumentwith a clear commitment of the European Commission to wanting to ensure the existence of a strong, free and vibrant civil society in the EU and in all Member States. Taking this into account, DAFNE/EFC have now sent some further comments on the European Commission draft proposal for a Regulation on the “Rights and Values Programme” as part of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for 2021-2027.

While welcoming aspects of the proposal, our 19 July response makes specific suggestions for a stronger approach with regard to size, thematic outreach and access to funding referring also to more indepth proposals developed by Stefan Batory Foundation.