20 March 2020

EFC and COVID-19 – let’s get through this together

The COVID-19 outbreak has been having a significant impact on all of us, and on behalf of everyone at the EFC we want you to know that we are with you at this difficult time.

As a membership and as a sector, we pride ourselves on being flexible, and able to utilise our diverse set of skills to adapt to the challenges we face. We are a community, and together we can overcome any issue put in front of us. While we may not be in physical proximity with each other, we can fight back against the feeling of isolation in a number of ways.


  • Stay in touch with us (and each other) by email, phone and social media. There is no need to quarantine your thoughts, ideas or concerns!
  • Tell your solidarity with and commitment to your grantees and sign the European Philanthropy Statement we have developed with DAFNE! We are calling on European philanthropy to co-sign the statement and stand with us, offer reassurance and become a source of meaningful support as the world responds to the crisis.
  • Tell us how you are adapting in terms of your staff, your grantees or your way of working by taking our survey. You can also view the latest findings as we update them every Wednesday!  As the situation is constantly evolving we will continue to update so if you haven’t already filled in the survey or you have new information please get in touch.
  • Going digital – we have been moving many of our Thematic Networks, Communities of Practice, Steering Committees and learning events online. New formats, new tools, new dynamic ways of staying connected, sharing best practices and learning from each other. Circumstances have forced a rethink, but let’s explore the possibilities!
  • Our AGA will take place online on 20 May, with the full conference in Vienna moving to 3-5 June 2021.
  • We will keep you updated on the latest news and developments through our usual channels, our website, our social media (see bottom of this page for links), and our De Facto e-newsletter.
  • You’re brilliant – we have been amazed at the speed with which you have put together a wide range of coalitions, strategies and mechanisms from research and vaccine funding to supporting the most at risk populations. Keep it up, and keep us informed!

Most importantly: remember you are not alone. Get in touch!

On behalf of the entire EFC team, we send our best wishes for the health and safety of you, your families and communities!


With the rapidly changing situation we have created a space where you can find all the resources, blogs, updates, news relating to COVID-19 in one central place.