12 November 2019

EFC 30th anniversary event discusses the importance of philanthropy infrastructure at this critical crossroads for the sector

As part of the EFC’s 30th anniversary event, which took place at BOZAR in Brussels from 6-7 November, three dedicated sessions (including the annual Raymond Georis Debate) used the recent blog series as the basis for a conversation on the future shape of the EFC and the philanthropic infrastructure.

The sessions were as follows:

  • ‘Wake up Philanthropy – Gearing up for the next 30 years’ was a call to arms for the sector and looked at why, with climate change and so many other urgent global challenges, philanthropy cannot afford to be on the sidelines, and why the next 30 years needs to start now. Read full report
  • The 2019 Raymond Georis Debate: ‘Re-imagining the philanthropy infrastructure’ looked at why getting philanthropy’s architecture right is going to be key to the sector’s ability to create real impact and change. Read full report
  • ‘Foundations and the new zeitgeist – Transitioning in a new era’ addressed the evolving paradigms philanthropy is taking and the ever greater need to collaborate and broaden horizons to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Read full report

Other highlights included the launch of the EFC’s 30th anniversary book “Building at the Crossroads of Royale and Treurenberg“, a collection of views on philanthropy curated by Diana Leat, and the first ever Philanthropic Leadership Platform: Russia-Europe.

Check out the photos from the event on our Flickr channel!