25 January 2021

Dafne announces new Board of Directors

Dafne (Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe) has announced the newest appointments to its Board of Directors, including the election of Carola Carazzone, Secretary General, Assifero, as Chair of the Board of Directors.

The new appointments took place during the Dafne Members’ General Assembly on 21 January and saw Carol Mack, Chief Executive, Association of Charitable Foundations, elected as a Board Member and Magdalena Pekacka, Executive Director, Polish Donors Forum, re-elected as Vice-Chair.

Max von Abendroth, Executive Director of Dafne commented on the elections: “We are pleased Carola Carazzone has been appointed to the role of the Chair of the Dafne Board of Directors, and Carol Mack – as a new member of the Board. The unprecedented challenges require a bold action by philanthropy. We look forward to Carola and Carol’s leadership and commitment to an independent and courageous philanthropic sector. Their experience and  insights will be invaluable in furthering our mission to ensure philanthropy is a catalyst for a resilient, inclusive and sustainable Europe”.

The new appointments take place in the midst of the process, led by Dafne and the EFC, of building tomorrow’s umbrella organisation for European philanthropy as an inclusive, participatory and innovative hub for foundations and philanthropy networks alike.

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