6 October 2020

Consortium of donors, supported by Fondation CHANEL create the Alliance for Women in Europe

A consortium of donors, supported by Fondation CHANEL have created the Alliance for Women in Europe, an initiative seeking to respond to the rise of Violence against Women (VAW), the “shadow pandemic”, seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This initiative aims to bring a structured response to the COVID‐19 emergency as well as building capacity for the long term support for women’s organisations in Europe. As the need for better collaboration between donors, civil society and public actors is becoming more evident the consortium has come together in order to build greater cooperation and knowledge sharing between relevant donors, women’s organisations and support networks in Europe and to establish a pooled funding mechanism that can provide flexible operational grants for social purpose organisations and funds bringing immediate support to women and girls in Europe.

The consortium includes the European Women’s Lobby (EWL), the Network of European Foundation (NEF) and a number of women’s groups in Europe, alongside Fondation CHANEL.

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